Children dropping the F-bomb?!

Children swearing is one of those jaw dropping moments when you’re not quite sure if you should laugh or scowled them.

I’m guilty of laughing at those extremely unexpected moments from the most innocent children who slip out a swear word.

So, here’s a story:

I was back in my second grade classroom. The end of the day was fast approaching. After snack, on a regular day, the students do some fun art activities but once every week, three classes join together and talk about respect, kindness, blah. (Don’t get me wrong; it’s great! I enjoy listening to what students have to say as well. It’s so adorable.”

Like I mentioned before, my class was second graders. They were seven and eight. When I was eight, I thought I was the so much bigger. Like I was a big kid. Looking at these seven and either graders, I realized how foolish I was. They were all so small and cute. At most, they reached mid abdomen. And I’m 5’3 (and a half—every inch counts).

Anyways, so during this time, a topic of forgiveness and mistakes came up.

Some kid brought up swearing and how people shouldn’t do it.

This brought a thought back to Rae (Let’s call him). He raised his hands and when he was chosen, he spoke. “My mom, she swore one time. Yeah, she said a bad word and she swore. She said…” and he dropped the f-bomb. No, I don’t mean he said, “She said the f word.” He said the full word.

Who whole class tilted. All the other children gasped simultaneously like they witnessed a bird fly down and eat a defenceless worm while I puffed out my cheeks and tried not to laugh.

Okay, okay, I know, I know! I shouldn’t have laughed. It was all a little kid needs to be egged on. But I was quiet about it and even turned my head away. Not that it mattered really. All the children were still in awe.

So, the teacher said, “Did your mom seem sorry about it?” she was trying to show the children that what his mother had said was meant to be a mistake but the kid, obviously not understanding, says, “No, no, she meant it.”

I was holding my breath and trying really hard not to laugh.

The teacher quickly recovers and says, “No, I know your mom. She’s a sweet woman and wouldn’t say that on purpose.”

He kind of just shrugged and before he can say anything, the teacher tried to pull a lesson that could be learnt out of that.

It was so unexpected because I didn’t expect him to actually say the word and furthermore, such a bad word. Definitely the highlight of my month (I know I said that in my Tim Horton’s post but whatever; now I have two highlights of the month)

QOTD: Did you ever hear a child swear? What was your reaction? What do you think is the appropriate reaction?

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