Say her name by James Dawson–book review

Say her name is a horror book about three people who decide to call upon Bloody Mary late one Halloween night. The following morning, a warning is given; “five days”. Five days for what? What started off as a joke quickly turned into a nightmare. Read as the trio try to uncover Mary’s death and a way to stay alive.

Alright, okay, alright. I love me some thriller, mystery and horror. They’re all so perfect and when put together? I’m in heaven. This book is understandably labelled horror but I’d also consider it a mystery, since along the way of trying to uncover Mary’s past and how to stay alive, they come across many things.

Mid-way though the book, it is brought to the reader’s attention that Marry could be seen in the corner of mirrors, and as the days go on, she becomes ‘stronger’ allowing her to be seen in the corner of anything reflective. Tubs, pool of water, shiny objects—you name it. When I had come across this part, the sun was setting and I was sitting facing two large windows. I could slowly see the outside world dimming and everything inside the house start to reflect in the glass. I was so spooked. During the time, I also had to go upstairs and grab something but shit, every corner I turned, there was something reflective. My eyes drafted anywhere and everywhere. I was horrified. When I walked into my room, it didn’t help that I’m conceded and had mirrors on three of four walls. I grabbed what I needed and ran.


(My stomach hurts. I had to search Bloody Mary in Mirror into Google and a bunch of scary pictures appeared)

One more story: one part of the book, Booby (the main female lead) is sleeping, having a dream hinting at Mary’s past and she is suddenly awoken to someone in her bed. Thinking it’s her friends (her friend/room mate usually gets into her bed in the middle of the night if she had a nightmare) she asks her if she had another bad dream. Then she hears snoring from the bed over and realizes it isn’t her friends. It’s Mary. Mary is her bed, curled up and under the covers.


(My stomach hurts just a little bit more. Have fun sleeping)

It’s safe to say I slept with the lights on and glanced over my shoulder every minute. I also found it hard to fall asleep. I was scared. I have a little mirror in the shape of a feather pressed against the wall opposite to my bed, which I can look directly into. I wanted to take it off because every time I look into it, I expect to see the Mary in the corner, sitting on my bed. UGH.

Not to mention, I kept waking up at random times of the night, making it even worse. My body was on full apart.

So the actual review:

It was great. Horror movies don’t even scare me as much as this did. It kept me on the edge of my chair, biting my nails (not really, I had to cut them on Friday), and anxious to see what happened next. There is a little bit of a love interest, which I don’t mind. If you don’t like any of that, don’t worry, it’s not giving lovey-dovey strong vibes. The ending, as always, was very, very intense. Throughout the five days, she’s picking up on clues, wondering what Mary wants her to solve and what she has to do with the information. A lot of interesting stuff is brought up.

I was absolutely delighted with the ending. Well, what I consider the ending. There’s two pages after that that is really the ending but I’d like to act like it doesn’t exist. It kind of had that happy-ever-after (unless you read the last two pages).

Important characters seem pretty consistent. It’s not like they appear once in the beginning and then, boo, there they are at the ending: they were the whole masterminds. I hate watching and reading stuff like that (ahem, How to Get Away with Murder, last season. Still not happy.)

One thing I wasn’t too happy with was Naya (the room mate and friend) wasn’t in it as much as I wanted but she was still there, just not too important.

I was fine with the writing style of the book; there isn’t much I want to touch on for that. I’ll decently be reading more of James Dawson.

Cruel Summer review coming next!

I rate it: 5/5 stars.

QOTD: Would you read it? Did you read it? How’d you like it?

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