Raspberry cheesecake brownie: taste buds decide

I’ll start off by saying my last post stands about my weight gain: way too many sweets this week. But since I didn’t really have much to do, I decided on stirring up something. And maybe it had a little to do with my mom nagging me.

I was looking through my pins, wondering what I should make when I came across this beautiful picture:

I had to try it.

Not only did it look pretty, but it looked pretty. So I gave it a try.

I don’t bake often. Most of the time because no one in my family wants to eat it. They’re all picky. Suddenly everyone’s on a diet. So when I find a recipe, I follow every direction step by step. My mom will sometimes say, “Add a little more of—” “No!” Although I should really trust her considering she’s been in the kitchen for a while now.

So, adding all the ingredients, following the steps; none of that was hard. But when I first read over the steps, I was a little puzzled. I had to make two different mixtures: the brownie and the cheesecake. I was instructed to make the brownie mixture first, put it in my pan, set it aside and make my cheesecake mixture. Then I was supposed to put that on top of the brownie mixture. I was worried that the two would mix together (it didn’t—the bottom layer (brownie) was thick so it didn’t mingle) and that one might not bake well or one might burn quick. So after making the brownie mixture, I shoved it into my preheated stove for two minutes. I wouldn’t recommend because—spoiler—it both baked well. Since the cheesecake layer was liquid, it look a while to bake and just enough time for the brownie layer to bake.

It was the end product that really bothered me. I was very disappointed to say the least.

When I added the cheesecake layer on top of the brownies, ready to put it in the over, I noticed that it barely had any color at the top. Barely. It was nothing like the picture—and yes, I know how foolish it was for me to expect it to look similar to it but could you blame me? I don’t. I’m just a little girl with big dreams.

So anyways, I ended up taking a toothpick, dipping it in food coloring and swirling it around the mixture. It helped put a spark to it.

It defiantly took a while to bake; around an hour I think. I was getting worried but when I read over the instructions, it assured me that it would take a while.

The taste test:

This is the part I was greatly disappointed in. I took a bite and was hit with a brick of sourness. The brownie layer tasted sweet enough, it was the cheesecake layer that didn’t have enough sugar. I was told to add ¼ cup of sugar and to some, that may be enough, but to me? Nope.

I ended up solving the problem by drizzling syrup on top, letting it soak into the top layer and then eating it.

Another disappointing factor was the lack of taste I got from the raspberry since it was supposed to be a raspberry cheesecake. I didn’t taste much of it so next time I’d probably add a little more than a cup of raspberry.

It didn’t turn out too bad thankfully but in the end, it didn’t really matter; no one ate it.

This is what u managed to create:

I also tried to match my plate.

Here’s the website I got it off of:



QOTD: Have you ever tried cheesecake brownies? Would you try it? Would you make it?

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5 Responses to Raspberry cheesecake brownie: taste buds decide

  1. These are fantastic! nice work (:

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  2. they look amazing! I love brownies and cheesecake but never tried it together

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