Stress ball, broken nails, and weight gain

Wow does that title sound sad.

I have a series of three stories and what happened over the course off the short week.

Yes, yes, I know; the week isn’t even over but whatever.

Stress balls:

I brought two packs of balloons to blow up for a birthday party and ended up having a few left over. So, I took those few balloons home and filled them up with flour. I truly don’t know why I’d need a stress ball; it was the March break and I didn’t have anything to stress about. But I made it anyways because they feel good. I defiantly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun to toss around and it doesn’t hurt until you whip it at someone (would NOT recommend). I’ll leave a link to a YouTube video that I learnt it from.

Broken nails:

Alright, so I delayed this post and at the time, I only had one broken nail. But just this morning, the nail on the index finger was ripped off. Well, I ripped it off because it was really bothering me. I don’t usually have problems with my nails breaking thankfully but my nails were getting a little too long this time around. I was holding it off until *this* Friday, so when I shampoo, I really get in there. I don’t like shampooing my hair with short nails. Always, yesterday I was throwing the stress ball up and catching it. So, I threw it up and ran forward, ready to catch it. My hand was stretched out. I saw the wall getting closer but I didn’t pay much attention. Maybe I should have. My ring finger crashed into the wall, my nail bent backward and worst of all, tore my skin sandwiched between my nail. The corner of my nail ripped off and fell onto the floor. Just writing this is making my stomach turn. But it’s all right; I rubbed ice on it and then watched a movie.

Weight gain:

Alright, alright, alright. Last Friday, I headed over to my cousins house for a sleep over. I didn’t come home until Sunday and during those days, we ate out a lot and kind of just stuffed out faces. Not so good. I dreaded checking my weight. But that’s not all. Since I’m off of school for the week, all I did was lounge around, giving me more time to eat as well. Sometimes, I can’t differentiate between boredom and hunger. I’m working on it.

That was really just the highlights of my week. There was a few other things but nothing too exciting.

QOTD: What’s the worst pain you’ve experienced?


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