Tim Horton and Kindness

A lot of people look forward to Friday because the weekend follows right after. I love Fridays with a passion. Out of school for two days, putting off homework for two days and stressing about it on Sunday night. But that’s okay because on Saturday, I just lounge around while thinking about the dreaded future. I try to be extra happy every Friday morning.

The last two Fridays were by far amazing.

The first Friday:

I arrived to my first period class as the national anthem was playing. The teacher stopped a few girls and me at the door, silently telling us to wait for the anthem to be done. During this time, I was facing a girl from class who had also arrived late. When we were allowed to move once more, she gave me a genuine compliment that made me happy. I got another compliment that day but I can’t remember if it was during second period or the afternoon; whatever it was, both compliments made me very happy.

Last Friday:

I was in the car with my mom when I asked her to go through the Tim Hortons drive through. Tim Hortons does ‘roll of the rim’ every year for a certain amount of time. Basically, when you order a coffee and finish it, you roll of the rim and check it you won anything. You can usually win a coffee or donut and a few other things. The bigger prizes people usually aim for is the Honda cars. Anyways, so my friend had won a donut and gave it to me. Bless her. I ordered ice coffee and a honey dip donut. When we pulled up at the window, the lady took my card and the free donut thing, only to tell us seconds later that IT WAS PAYED FOR! I was so surprised. I’ve heard of people paying it forward but had never experienced it until now. I was just a little upset because the woman didn’t give my free donut back. But other than that, I couldn’t be happier. It certainly made my day and every time I think about it, I can’t help but smile.

If you’re the person that payed; thanks, stranger!

Moral of the story: the small (I consider it BIG) things can make someone’s day (or month).

QOTD: Have you ever payed it forward?


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