Little Monsters 

Children, aka little monsters, fill me with undeniably happiness and a sense of love. There’s just something so amazing about them. Maybe it’s their innocents or the way they smell so good! 

Whatever it is, just making eye contact with a little baby fills me with love. I just grin at them and when they don’t respond, I wiggle my eyebrows. That usually gets an answer, or some times (those awkward moments) they just continue to state at me with that blank look. 

Whetever, I’m not catching feelings because a 3 year old was showing me attitude…fine, just a little. 

But it’s alright because all those giggly children who do choose to smile back make up for those grumpy ones. 

I brought this topic up because recently, I’ve been working with a class full of second graders and I’ve observed many of their behaviors and actions. But that’s for another day. 

I call them little monsters because thas exactly what they can be when they’re tired, angry, grumpy, etc.

They’re all fun and games until they start crying, screaming, picking their nose…all of that ugly stuff.

Their cuteness makes up for it.

QOTD: Do you love children? Do you deal with them on a regular bases? 

(One day someone will respond to my qotd ^ and I will love you forever. I will engrave your name into my brain and wall.) 

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