I wish I knew how to spend money

Not knowing how to spend money correctly sounds ridiculous, right? But think about it. How often do you spend money on something that you don’t even need just because it’s on sale? Or how many times have you spend money on something aesthetically pleasing, only to put it in the back of your closet because it’s already too crowded it your house.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting better at not spending money on useless things. I think twice before purchasing something that won’t be eaten.

Do I really need it?

Will I use it?

Is it worth the price?

Those are my top three questions I ask myself.

At the moment, I’m staring at the sun glasses I bought over a year ago and still have to use.

I mentioned that I usually think twice before purchasing something unless it’s food. Truth be told, I’ve bought food that I thought I’d eat, only to hand it over to my brothers in hope that they’ll eat it. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t like trying new food. If I don’t like it, I’ll just end up wasting it. I’m trying to reduce the amount of things I waste. Just a few months ago, I bought these chips I saw hanging out on the selves of Wal-Mart, wanting to try it. I tried it, shook my head and put it on the table.

I hope he’ll eat it, I thought as I watched my brother walk past me.

Sadly, neither of them liked it and I got an ear-full from my mom for wasting food.

Back to unnecessarily wasting money; why do we get it if we don’t need it?

The only reason I barely spend much now is because I’m broke. Back then, I was broke too, so I don’t know how I manage to spend.

Oh right, mom came in clutch.

QOTD: Do you spend unnecessarily?

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