The Difficulties of Blogging

“Blogging is so exhausting,” says a beginner blogger who only has four posts up.

Jokes aside, I like blogging. I get to write around anything and everything and my worldwide audience—I mean two people—will willingly read it.

There’s so much to enjoy about it. It’s a hobby to me. Which reminds me; I had been looking through blogging tips on Pinterest when I came across a list stating the top 15 mistake blogger’s make. One of the mistakes bloggers make is “Treating Your Blog as a Hobby.” I completely disagree. I think your hobby should be your job. I know there’s many bloggers out there whose job is to blog. Which, mind you, is fantastic. I’d love that to be my job one day. So, why not enjoy it? When you start to treat your blog as a job and not a hobby, doesn’t it start to feel more forced? Maybe you don’t enjoy it as much anymore. It can be your job and hobby!

But I don’t know, that’s just what I think. I’d love to know your opinion.

I had promised myself I’d post every single day. But then I sat down one day and just couldn’t type. So I didn’t write for the last two (I think) days. No matter how much time I had.

I started to worry that one day I’d have nothing to talk about, until I remembered I’m only four posts in. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Not to mention, I’m always babbling about something.

I’d also love to start making my blogs more interactive. Tips?

…I thought I had filled out a full page on Word only to realize I’m only halfway through the page.

At times, writing comes easily to me and other times, I just can’t put my thoughts into words. I can spend endless hours just thinking about what I’d write and come up with brilliant things but as soon as I grab a pencil or sit down to type it all down, it just leaves me.

Bye, bye!

I had just been helping my mom out with dinner, spacing out and thinking about how incomplete this blog felt and all the things I could write. I had it all organized in my head and satisfied, I sat down to eat my dinner.

As soon as I sat down to type this, it all left.

So, here I am, typing whatever came to the top of my head.

I started blogging because I truly love entertaining people and having that great feeling when someone genuinely laughs at a joke I made. Maybe I could do that here?

QOTD: How’s blogging going for you? Do you have any advice?


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