Oh my goodness.

Have you ever been backpack shopping?

It has to be the most difficult part of ‘back to school shopping’—but I haven’t done that in a few years. Hm.

Last year, before school started I was at a plaza, just looking around and whatnot. We enter a store with backpacks since mine was starting to ware out and I needed a new one. I look through the hundreds of backpack in awe. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw so many appealing many were attention grasping but I tried avoiding looking at the ones at the very top because if I chose it, I’d have to ask one of the workers to get it down for me. And that means interacting with someone I don’t know. (I’m working on it, I swear)

So I looked through my choices at the very bottom and was pleased to see a galaxy type of backpack. It was amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Rare…so I thought.

I wanted into school, thinking I was one unique students and no one else would have a matching backpack. Boy was I wrong. Not to mention, when I shyly mentioned this to my friends, I got laughed out. God help me.

It made me feel so…what’s that word? Basic.

But I have no regrets what-so-ever. I love just gazing at my bag the way Flynn Rider looked at Rapunzel from the famous Disney movie “Tangled.” (I totally recommend!)

It’s just so pleasing to the eyes and the pop of different colours make me happy. I love colors. Some people like black, some people like neon.

How’s your backpack working for you? Any regrets?

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