Happy Birthday!


Birthdays are an absolute nightmare.


Of course, there’s the good stuff like receiving presents, maybe being treated special for a day, having people you barely talk to say happy birthday.


I think that’s all great when it’s your birthday. But when it’s your friends or families…


What should I get her?


Will he like this?


Should I just give him money?


Oh my GOD! Why are these cards so expensive?!


“Your total is 3.25.” *Opens wallet* “I have 25 cents…”


It’s all great if you know your friends inside and out and if you have money to purchase them the 50 dollar jacket they’ve been wanting but it’s not so much fun when you’re the least observant people and can only afford Dollarama items.


Maybe she’ll like this $1.25 makeup item. I hope she doesn’t get a rash.


And just as you scrap up all the money you can to get your friend that you love so dearly a decent gift, you realize, what the hell does she like?!


I mean, you can never go wrong with their favorite chocolate or candy. A cute or funny gift card. Maybe scented candle and a gift card. But sometimes you just want to put a little bit of thought into it but all these stores just can’t give you what you want.


So you resort to online shopping


The only problem is, you’re ordering a day before her birthday and the gift doesn’t arrived for a week.


You’re officially the worst friend ever.


In my dilemma, I had gotten my friends gift a week before her birthday…and didn’t give it to her for two months. I kept forgetting to grab it on my way out of the house and it just keep going on.


As I write this, I’m staring at the cute, pink gift bag holding my other friends birthday gift. Her birthday was in December. It’s February.


Not to mention, I’m planning on throwing a birthday party for my cousin and that isn’t going too well.


Yes, I know; I am the worst friend ever!


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