Hide and Seek

           Children have some of the best hiding spots when they aren’t hiding in plain view. Not only because they tend to be more creative but also because their tiny bodies squeeze into tiny spots.


As a child myself, hiding spots were amazing. I had a few amazing spots. One time, with my little weight, I sat on top of the laundry machine, closed the door and didn’t breathe a breath when I heard someone walk by. Or hiding in the basement because all the little children were too scared of the basement. It was usually off limits anyways.


It was all fun and games until you run out of hiding spots. There’s only so many places one can find. Especially when playing with large groups of people; most spaces get occupied and after a few rounds, the seeker knows exactly where to look.


The worst was Hide and Seek, Tag addition. When the seeker finds you, the hider takes off running and the seeker must catch him in order to actually have found him. While I may have been good at seeking them out, it was horrible running after them. I’d always I’ve up with a huff, slumping on the house steps and calling out ‘I don’t want to play anymore! You’re all unfair!’ I guess you it was good way of dampening the mood.


I was at a get-together today and I watched as a child nagged his favorite adult to play Hide and Seek with him. So, she closed her eyes and counted to ten. Meanwhile, the little boy ran around in circles, in panic, trying to find a spot. He wouldn’t even last a minute.


It also made me realize just how energetic children are. Throughout the whole evening, he’d been playing with the adult, filled with bright and happy energy while I watched as the adult’s energy slowly drained away from her.


It made me want all that ball of energy to help me get through the days.


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